Small pet dogs offer the best of both worlds- loyal companionship and a relatively low maintenance lifestyle. They do not need as much space to run around as larger dogs so they are the perfect dog to have if you live in a small apartment in the city and do not have a big backyard or countryside for a larger dog to run around in. Small dogs supply the constant companionship that many pet owners crave which cannot be fulfilled by a cat or other domesticated animals yet they are almost as low maintenance as cats and do not need a lot of extra space. They are often fierce protectors and unlike cats they need to be walked which allows the owners to get some exercise as well as new forms of social interaction. Dog parks are often the best places to bring small pet dogs to fulfill their social and exercise needs, but watch out for larger dogs and make sure to keep an eye on your small pet dog’s safety at all times. Small pet dogs are often great with kids as well.

Things to do before bringing your pet home

Before bringing them home it is good to safeguard your home to make sure they will feel safe and comfortable right away. Get 帶狗去新西蘭 a crate and/or a dog bed for your small dog to feel safe and comfortable in while they sleep. Supplying ample amounts of toys, doggie bones, or age appropriate items for your small dog will make them feel right at home. Make sure there are no loose electrical wires or anything else that they could get into that would possibly cause injury or damage. Getting doggy pads for younger small pet dogs is necessary for potty training and protecting your floors and carpets. Some accidents are to be expected so do not get too mad when these occur. Also, getting a barrier like a baby safety gate will be helpful to block off rooms or areas that you do not want your small dog to go into. When washing your small pet dog, it is good to get shampoo that is specially made for dogs so you don’t irritate their eyes or delicate skin. Always dry the dog thoroughly after washing so that they do not catch a cold.

Training Tips

When training your small pet dog it is most useful to get a training book and/or a professional trainer, and teach your dog in a firm yet gentle manner, giving out ample rewards when he or she does something right, and not scolding to harshly, yet being firm enough for your dog to know who is in charge, when they do something undesirable. Patience is key, and you will be surprised how fast your small pet dog can learn new tricks and skills when taught in the right way. Small pet dogs are a great addition to any family and will make a loyal and loving companion to some special owner for many years to come. They are unconditionally loving and truly great pets to have.


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